Stamford Youth Hockey is run by volunteers, and can't keep going without your help.  If you have an interest in assisting with any of the areas below, please contact any member of the Board of Directors.  If you only have a little time to spare, we can use that too!  Just let us know!  We have many small, quick jobs during tryouts, the Golf Tournament, the Year-End Banquet, and at other times during the year.

House Coordinators: OPEN
Oversees entire house program - registration, coaches, team placement, playoffs, scheduling, equipment - in coordination with other volunteers.  Oversees any conflict resolution. Contact the Hockey Director.

House Coaches
If you are interested in being a coach, or assistant coach please contact the House Coordinators or Hockey Director.
House/Travel Team Managers
Team managers coordinate schedule, assist coaches in communications, organize after game snacks, ensure all documentation is in order, etc.  If you are interested in being a team manager please contact your team's coach.
CHC Representative:  Brian Mitchell
Attends all CHC Meetings and reports back to the organization. Contact the President.
Equipment Manager:  Alicia and Kevin Unger
Responsible for organizing and maintaining all SYHA owned equipment such as travel team jerseys, goalie equipment and other donated equipment. Contact the Treasurer.
Sponsorship Coordinator: Sean Healy
It is important that each team has a sponsor to provide uniforms for each House team.  The Individual/Committee is responsible for finding sponsors for each team before the season begins.  The sponsors should also be recognized  for their contribution. Contact the Association Development Director.
Banquet Coordinator: OPEN
The end of the year banquet is important to every player on every team.  This is a chance for all of SYHA to get together and recognize the accomplishments of all the players, parents and members.  Overall, planning the banquet is like planning a big party: sending invitations; receiving responses; collecting payments as well as organizing the time, place and the food required. Contact the Association Development Director.
Golf Tournament Coordinator:  Brian Mitchell
The golf outing is a great opportunity to socialize with family and friends of SYHA.  There is much that goes into putting together a successful event to good planning skills are important.  Contacting sponsors, advertisers and competitors is the main responsibility.  Coordination with the Golf Course and caterers will insure a great time.  There are also additional items such as T-shirts, golf balls and other handouts associated with this event.  Helpers for registration and hole monitors must also be coordinated. Contact the Association Development Director.
Elementary School Promotion:  OPEN
This person is in charge of promoting our Tiger Shark and House programs.  Contact with Stamford and area schools to distribute flyers, advertisements in the Advocate and Norwalk Hour, etc… and other activities designed to promote SYHA to our area youngsters. Contact the Association Development Director.
Publicity Coordinator: Lee Bowbeer
All SYHA players want to see their name in the Stamford Advocate.  This Committee must gather the results posted from the website and coordinate getting this information to the Advocate sports editor. Coordinate with the team coaches and managers to get this information submitted on a timely basis.
Travel Scheduling Coordinator:  Lee Bowbeer
Handles the scheduling regular season travel games as well as the post season.  Requires communication with SYHA team schedulers and other CHC program schedulers. Must always be ready to adjust for unplanned events such as rink ice or electricity changes and any weather-related conditions that may cause cancellations. Contact the Operations Director.
House Referee Coordinator:  Karen Shane
Requires communication with the person in charge of referees, all teams and tournament groups as well as Terry Conners rink.  Must be able to make adjustments due to schedule changes and communicate these changes to be sure referees are at each game. Contact Operations Director.
Timekeeper Coordinator:  Cari Marchese
Timekeepers are essential to every game at all levels.  The scheduler is responsible for finding people to do the timekeeping, training them and scheduling all games both at TCR and at all out of town rinks where SYHA is the home team.  This requires communication with all teams as well as Terry Conners rink and the scheduler must be available and ready to make adjustments due to schedule changes. Contact Operations Director.
Website Administrator:  Chuck Stietzel
The website is SYHA's main line of communication.  It provides not only an overall description of SYHA, registration information, and member information but also the most up-to-date schedules and game results.  Responsible for managing and updating the Association website, providing access and training as needed. Contact the Secretary.
Bulletin Board Administrator: OPEN
There is a bulletin board at TCR that is available for posting information about the teams and the organization.  This person should gather relevant information and display this information creatively. Contact the Secretary.