Practice by using the timeclock simulator (keys are not exactly the same but are close enough!) at http//www.perintonyouthhockey.org/HockeyClock.tic.htm.

If scoreclock is off, you need to plug it in first! Wait a few seconds, then enter code 62 or, if the scoreclock reads "Continue Game Y/N?" just press ENTER (which means "Yes").

Press SET MAIN CLOCK and input the number of minutes (starting with a warmup time or period time as necessary) then press ENTER (Example, SET MAIN CLOCK, "15000"* ENTER).

To reset the time after a period, just press SET MAIN CLOCK and ENTER--the previous period time length will display automatically.

Press PERIOD key, "1" and then ENTER.

Press START when the puck touches the ice after the ref drops it.

Press STOP every time a ref blows his whistle.



For a 2-minute penalty, press the PLAYER PENALTY key for the appropriate team, ENTER, then input the player’s number on the keypad, press ENTER and then press ENTER again.

For penalty times other than 2 minutes, press PLAYER PENALTY, ENTER, then input player’s number and press ENTER again, input the number of penalty minutes on the keypad (example "1" "3" "0" "0") and then press ENTER.

To clear a penalty, press PLAYER PENALTY for the appropriate team then use the UP ARROW and look at the scoreclock reading to find the penalty you need to delete. (If there is just one penalty on the board, pressing the UP ARROW once will show you that penalty. If there’s more than one penalty running for one team, pressing the UP ARROW twice will bring up the "oldest" penalty.)

After you’ve found the penalty you’d like to delete press CLEAR and then ENTER.


Posting the Score

To add a goal, press the SCORE +1 key for the home or visiting team.

To change the score, press SCORE•, input the correct number on the keypad, then press ENTER.

* Look at the display screen on the scoreclock to see how many zeroes you need to input.